Day after day

It’s been a long month.

Despite having several interviews, I still haven’t been hired anywhere yet, and I’m really starting to get bummed out about being unemployed.

The time around mother’s day is always hard since my mother passed away a while ago. So during that week I kind of ate whatever the hell I wanted, and put on a little weight.

Although I’ve gone hiking and do some strength training here and there, I really haven’t been pushing myself if I’m being honest. So recently I started adding some HIIT (high intensity interval training) while I hike; there’s an interval timer on my Fitbit Versa, and I set it up for one minute of workout (I power walk), and then two minutes of rest, for a total of seven rounds.

As for my strength training, I was only doing one (sometimes two) full body resistance band workouts per week. I was following a youtube video, but sadly the video kept freezing on me. I only did one set of each exercise, so often times the whole workout only lasted 10-15 minutes, and I was using the lightest band. So, I upped the band level (I should technically say resistance tubes) so I got heavier resistance, and instead of relying on a glitchy video, I printed out a bunch of exercises (back, shoulders, biceps, abs, legs, glutes, calves). I’m now doing three sets of each exercise instead of one, and aiming to do this three times a week at least.

So all in all, I’m still down about two pounds from my starting weight this month, although still three pounds away from the five I’d ultimately would like to lose. I still have a week left, and considering this week is that time of the month (I feel bad calling my period volcano week now with all the shit going down in Hawaii currently), I’m hoping I might lose one more pound after everything is said and done.

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