Slow Ride

So I was really feeling down last post about not having better weight loss. I kept thinking that with all the weight I still have to lose, I should be losing more than just a pound a week basically.

Then somewhere along the way-


A pound a week is pretty good for a hypothyroid female who’s barely five feet tall! I had set my goal at five pounds a month, and last month I lost 4.4 lbs altogether (so technically I lost 1.1 lbs each week). I was off by .6 lbs and I have no idea why I got so bummed out over such a small difference!

I think it’s just due to the fact that I, and most other people nowadays, are accustomed to instant gratification. Need milk at 2 am? Drive to the 24 hour convenience store. Have a question? Ask the almighty Google for an answer in less than two seconds. Want to watch a funny movie? Hop on Netflix anytime from a computer, tablet, or your phone.

So when it comes to things we can’t get instantly, I think it can depress us. Like wanting to be fit right away after years of putting on weight, or maybe you want to travel but need to save up some money first, or you want to write a novel, or learn guitar, etc…

These things take time, and often times probably longer than what we were hoping for. So how often do we just give up? We hit some sort of bump in the road and think,  “Screw it- it’s not worth it,” when it’s really the things we want the most?

We. Need. To. Slow. The. Fuck. Down.

Sure there are moments where time is of the essence- like you need to find a kidney donor ASAP, but for most of the other stuff in life…we need to quit rushing! We all need to find a pace that works for us and it doesn’t matter how long we take to get there as long as we cross that finish line.

My doctor several months ago tried suggesting that I should aim to lose just one pound a month, and I felt insulted that she thought that was all I could manage. Well ya know what? For other people, maybe that’s all they can manage! And that’s ok because they’re still heading in the right direction for their goals. For me, I know I can do better than that, and I’ve proven it. My four lbs a month is a good pace for me, and maybe I’ll have a month where I lose more, and maybe (most likely actually lol) I’ll have a month where I lose less. All I can do is examine what I’m doing right or wrong, and decide what adjustments I should make.

For example, I mentioned last post I finally realized I was eating even when I felt full. I didn’t really pay attention to what I was doing because I thought I was allowed to stuff my face because it was my free day. Well, I decided to try and be more mindful when I eat, and I think it’s helping. It hasn’t been a perfect process, like today I had dinner with my folks even when I was still full from lunch; I tried to eat smaller portions, but overall I still felt stuffed afterwards.

It’s still a learning process- I need to examine my mistakes, and also make sure I rejoice in my successes. As of the other day, I realized that I was no longer in the obese category, but rather just overweight. At first I wasn’t all that excited to be overweight, but the more I thought about it, I realized it was a great achievement and a testimony that all my hard work is paying off!


I guess the few rules that I’m starting to learn that can really make a huge difference mentally wise are these:

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Have patience
  3. Learn from the negative experiences (instead of dwelling on them like I always do)
  4. And celebrate the positive ones (no matter how small or insignificant)

Again, it may take time for these rules to actually stick in that big ol’ noggin of mine…

But that’s ok. I can wait.




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