Let’s get physical

After trading in a bunch of electronics I had lying around, I was able to get my Fitbit Versa!


That’s right, I got the pink one ’cause I’m a gurl. The band is actually a really subtle peachy pink, and is soooooo comfortable. Then there’s the rose gold frame surrounding the screen which is elegant as all shit.

So far I really like it! I feel the step counter is even more accurate than it was before, and some of the apps are pretty nifty (although a bunch of them are kind of crap). Still, it’s pretty new tech, so I’m sure it’ll constantly be improving and that there’ll be more stuff coming out in the future.

But man! Nothing like some new fitness tech that makes me want to do all the workouts! Sadly however, the weather has been a total bitch. I think mother nature has Alzheimer’s here in the north east of the USA. She’s all like, “Oh, is it April? I should make it snow, right? Yes, yes…snow…more snow yehahahaha!”

We had like, one semi nice day last week in which I actually took my dog hiking. I did like a three mile loop at this really nice state park near my house. A week later and I’m still kinda sore. Last summer I could do that trail no problem! Me oh my it has been a long winter, and I have not been active enough.

Well, all I can do is continue to workout at home, and my new Fitbit will give me a good dose of motivation. I’ve also been sticking with the every other day diet, and have been doing pretty well on that front.

Oh! Speaking of diet, I gave MCT oil another try today. I took a teaspoon with a meal, and am happy to report I did not shit myself!


So lesson learned. Don’t take MCT oil on an empty stomach. I’m also starting with a teaspoon, and will work my way up to a tablespoon…maybe two. I think my plan is to do the apple cider vinegar and lemon water on my diet days, and the MCT oil on my free days because being an oil, it’s wicked high in calories. I ain’t wastin’ my precious calories on diet day on a spoonful of gat damn oil.

I wish I could report on my weight loss, however, it’s almost volcano week, and I am retaining ALL the fluids. It can be frustrating to see the scale go up when you know you’re doing everything right, and even though you know it’s the fault of that bitch Aunt Flowy, it can still get ya down a little. So I think I’ll report back on weight loss and all that good stuff towards the end of the month, or maybe update on the first of May.

Holy freakin’ shit- May is just around the corner??

Oh! And I have another job interview next Monday- wish me luck!

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