I was down a pound this morning which made me super happy. I felt like I finally broke a plateau! YASSSSS!


Ever heard of visual weight loss projects? If you google it you’ll see a few ideas like posters where the person fills in their weight loss progress, or they have two jars with marbles and each marble represents a pound, and so on and so forth.

Well, I am officially obsessed with that shit. I’ve already got four projects going on, and I have a fifth underway. I’ll show you the four current ones:

Ok! So, in the top left corner we have the goal thermometer- it had like exactly fifty tic marks which works perfectly for me. I use little Post-it note flags to fill it in for each pound I lose. The thermometer is a lot bigger than it looks- it’s about three feet long or so. I got it on Amazon for like $6 bucks (it’s even CHEAPER now, gaddamnit), and the Post-it flags where like $3 bucks. Oh! Almost forgot, I had these star stickers, so for every five pounds I lose, I give myself a star, tee-hee.

On the top right we have the thick poster board with a song title from Pink Floyd, Shine on you Crazy Diamond. The letters were self adhesive, and they’re much more sparkly in person. The “diamonds”, are also self adhesive, and are also much more sparkly in person. Got everything at Walmart, and everything all together came to like, under $10 bucks. Oh hell yes.

On the bottom left, we have the standard two jars filled with colorful plastic gem thingies (I got them in the aquarium isle at Walmart- they’re actually fish tank decorations ha). One jar is labeled pounds to go, and the other pounds lost. The jars were like a buck each at Michael’s, and the gems were maybe $3 bucks.

The fourth project on the bottom right, which is very recent, I came up with out of the blue. I was shopping at Michael’s for my upcoming ultra-secret 5th project, when I saw the section with all the glass jars and fun shaped bottles. When I saw the heart bottle, I thought of the life hearts from the video game The Legend of Zelda. I then came up with the idea of how filling up the heart bottle would symbolize me getting my health back. The other bottle kind of reminds me of a health potion (my fellow nerds will understand). Oh, and both bottles were like a buck and change. I originally was going to buy some food coloring and dye some water red, but it turns out I had this strawberry syrup flavoring stuff, which has this kind of cool viscous consistency to it, so I used that instead. It also smells wicked yummy! I just hope it won’t mold in the future. So, how do I measure my weight loss with liquid? I had to do some mathing, and figured out that roughly 8 ounces were equal to 50 teaspoons, so each teaspoon represents a pound. I had a little plastic syringe (shown in the picture) that the vet gave me for one of my cat’s medicines a while back, so I use that to transfer the syrup from one bottle to the other. At first it seemed like there was no way either bottle  would hold 8 oz of fluids, but I poured in that amount in both of them to check and it did hold. I think it looks pretty darn neat if I do say so myself.

As for the 5th project, well, hopefully I’ll be able to reveal it soon!

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with these kind of projects…but all I can say for sure is just how much fun it is to mark my progress with either the red post-it flag, diamond sticky, plastic gem, and strawberry syrup lol. Truthfully I even have ideas for a sixth project already…

Speaking of obsessions, I want the new Fitbit Versa SO bad. I’m hoping to trade in some stuff so I can hopefully afford one when it comes out this Monday. I’ve been obsessed with Fitbit since, jeez, 2010 maybe? Let’s see, I’ve had the Fitbit one (lasted me years), the Fitbit zip (the first one broke for whatever reason, and when I contacted the company about it…THEY SENT ME A NEW ONE NO CHARGE! Free shipping and handling even!), the Fitbit charge, then the Fitbit charge 2…and now I’m ready to like, sell an organ for the Fitbit versa.


Man, typing can be difficult with a cat on your lap. That reminds me, here’s an update on my cat with cancer- he’s the one sitting on my lap! Mr. Burt is responding really well to the chemo so far, so I’m pretty grateful for the extra time I have with him.

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