What a feeling

So I was thinking I spent way too much time complaining about my S key last post (which is still broken btw), I realized I didn’t mention other stuff I meant to talk about!

I’ve been watching all the youtube videos about tips for intermittent fasting, and decided to try some of them. For instance, I tried a recipe for what I like to call “Devil Piss Water”- glass of water, juice from half a lemon, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with “the mother”), and last but not least, a few dashes of cayenne pepper. I also add two packets of stevia to help with the taste…but it doesn’t help. Oh it doesn’t help at all, my friends.


After trying it a few times, I found that it was as unpleasant coming out as it was going in. So I’ve decided to say fuck you to the cayenne pepper, and just do the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. It still tastes like crap, but I hold my nose while I drink it so I don’t taste it while it’s going down. I’ve been trying to do this drink every other day, but it’s more like I’ve been doing it twice a week.

Have I noticed any fantastic changes since drinking this stuff? Honestly not really, but then again I haven’t exactly been consistent with drinking it regularly. I’ll try to be better about that, and see if it helps with weight loss like it’s supposed to do.

I’ve also been getting into supplements. I mean like, ALL the supplements. Well, truthfully I’ve been into supplements for a while, but it’s kind of a on again off again relationship. To begin with, I’ve been taking vitamin C at night with my thyroid medication since I read that it can actually help with absorption. Then I have a gummi multivitamin that I take daily, usually in the morning. Also in the morning, I’ve been taking a combination of teacrine  and green tea (a pill, not the actual liquid since I hate the taste of any form of tea). The teacrine is supposed to give you extra focus, improved mood, yada yada yada, while the caffeine is supposed to rev your metabolism, and supposedly together they’re even extra potent.

In the beginning, I tried taking the teacrine with half a caffeine supplement because…hold onto your hats now folks…I don’t drink coffee.


That’s right, I hate the taste of all things coffee flavored, which of course, includes coffee, which is a shame because apparently there are some great benefits to coffee itself.

Anyway! So I tried the teacrine with a caffeine supplement, about 100 mg, and didn’t like the combo. I guess it made me feel too buzzed I guess? I don’t actually have a whole lot of caffeine typically- I usually drink diet caffeine free Pepsi at home, and when I’m out, diet soda in general has very little caffeine. Hell, even regular Coke or Pepsi only has about 37mg of caffeine vs like 200mg in one cup of coffee.

And yes. I know diet soda is bad. It’s my one vice in life. Maybe someday I’ll give it up, but not right now. PEACE.

So, the green tea supplement I take has only 60 mg which I take along with the teacrine, then I wait about 20-30 minutes, and then workout. Sometimes.

This following paragraph is going to have some serious TMI, so read at your own risk. You have been warned. The short version is never, EVER, take MCT oil on an empty stomach.

MCT oil, ever heard of it? Miracle stuff from what they say- improved brain power, energy boost, weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Sounds pretty darn good right? Well, I tried taking a tablespoon of the stuff on an empty stomach because, hey, why not? Oh, I will tell you why not. Because for me, I had such bad diarrhea it will haunt me for the rest of my life. It wasn’t immediate either- at first I just started feeling a little sick, and then felt like I needed the bathroom. Well, the diarrhea was so bad, I was basically pissing out of my ass. The first bathroom trip was brief, and I thought it was over. But no…oh no, the battle was only beginning. About a half an hour later, I needed to go again, urgently, and this time was even worse, and lasted longer. When I was done, I prayed that I was finally empty, but alas, the nightmare was not over yet. That night I spent on and off the toilet for hours. It baffled me how I could have anything left inside me, but it kept coming. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, it was over. Of course after doing some research, I found out that if you take MCT oil on an empty stomach it can cause some gastrointestinal issues…yeah, NO SHIT.


So I had that terrible experience only last week, and so I’m still too traumatized to try the MCT oil again. Maybe next week I’ll try a teaspoon with a meal or something.

Last but not least, I got my dad into working out with resistance bands! I told him about how I started doing it myself recently, and he wanted to try as well. He’s only done one workout so far, but it still feels pretty darn awesome I inspired him to try it!

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