Too much time on my hands

I’m just over here waiting for a job to come through like


Despite sending out dozens of resumes, and having THREE interviews the past two weeks…I got nada. One of the interviews (so far) at least had the decency to send me an email saying I was overqualified and that they were going with someone else. Really though? Overqualified? Dude, I have an English degree and have been working minimum wage jobs for ages…I am not overqualified for anything in any way, shape or form.

Is wanting a meaningful career really all that much to ask for? I’m not asking to be making six digits (although I mean that would be totally super duper amazing)- I just want a salary that I can pay bills, rent, and have some fun money left over. And BENEFITS. Oh dear lawd when I see a job post list good benefits I get all hot and bothered now.

I’m starting to get kinda depressed honestly…especially since I just now broke the S key on my laptop.


Man, why couldn’t it have been like the Q key or some other letter you hardly use like X or Z? Now there’s no key there and I have to hit the little nub thing underneath. I just called Geek Squad (people who fix electronics) and from the sound of it, I’d have to send my computer out to get a whole new friggin’ keyboard for about $200! Let’s see if I can’t fix it myself first, I mean, it’s not like I can break it any further, right?



Good news bad news in regards to my intermittent fasting diet. Bad news is I’ve been half assing the diet lately. Good news is I’ve actually started exercising again, and even added in strength training. I ordered resistance bands a while back, but of course never really used them since the directions they came with sucked. Well, I decided to look for a youtube video with a resistance band workout and voila! I found one I actually liked that really gives you a good workout. It’s from this exercise channel called GymRa- they have a lot of videos, and what’s nice is they also have non equipment needed videos as well.

The weight loss has been slow, but on the other hand I have lost a few inches in a matter of a few weeks…which is kind of a pretty big deal. Not gonna lie, it just kind of hit me right now how awesome that is- I lost about three inches total in three weeks! I’ve been so obsessed with the scale, I didn’t even really pay all that much attention to that when I measured myself last week.

I’m telling you, make sure you have at least two ways to measure progress because sometimes the scale is an asshole. Some say you should only weigh yourself once a week, while others say to weigh daily- I’ve been weighing myself every other day. I weigh myself in the morning after a diet day when I should hopefully be down.

Well, today is a free day, but it seems like lately I really haven’t been eating all that much on my free days, and then on my diet days, I end up eating more than I should. Like yesterday, my folks invited me out to eat- I had already eaten about 250 calories, but I couldn’t say no. I ordered mostly healthy stuff like a salad and broiled fish…but then I also got a side dish of buttered pasta which has ALL the calories. Needless to say, I went over 500 calories yesterday.

So as I said earlier- I’ve been half assing it. However, right now I’m taking it all in stride. It’s not a race. It’s not like if I don’t lose X amount of weight in X amount of time, I’ll die. Right now I’m making healthy habits, like getting back into exercise, and in part it’s thanks to the fact that I’m unemployed and have the extra time on my hands.

I just hope I can keep it up once I’m working again, which will hopefully be soon.



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