Wake me up when September ends

It was a free day so who gives a flying frog what I ate.

Hey, remember that one time I became a total anxious mess because of the job thing? The one good thing about not getting the interview for the job was that I didn’t have to stress about it anymore. The bad thing was the soul crushing misery that enveloped my entire being for like a week.

Well guess who got an email asking if I was interested in the the same job, but a remote position? They weren’t actually offering me the job…they just wanted to know if I was just still interested since they were still looking through applications. So I emailed back and said I was, and now I get to restart the whole waiting game again.


I’ve been applying to a bunch of other jobs too, but that job is still my freakin’ dream career.

I feel like Sisyphus. Greek mythology guy, might’ve heard of him- pissed off the gods and for his punishment he had to roll a boulder over a hill. Every time he got to the top and was finally about to complete his task…the boulder would inevitably slip and roll back down to the bottom. Thus, he would have to start all over again.

This pretty much sums up every time I set out to accomplish a goal.

I was planning on doing some more body measurements since it’s the first of the month, but with volcano week starting any day now, I’d rather wait until that shit is over with.

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