Bad Day (R.E.M.)

Ugh, not a good day.

My leg feels worse, still can’t get get a hold of my insurance (I’ve been calling all week, several times a day, and haven’t had any luck reaching a live person), and I slept in late and didn’t have time to make my lunch.

So I went out for lunch, and surprisingly did a good job staying within my calories. But wait! Guess who left their WALLET at home? I had to leave promising I’d be right back to pay since I didn’t have my wallet, walk back to work across the plaza and sheepishly ask my boss for money, (he was nice about it and lent me the money), and then I had to walk back to pay, and then walk back again…on my leg that feels like shit when I WALK on it.

But hey, I still had a successful diet day, right? Wrong!I had a mixture of cramps and hunger pangs, and when I got home tonight I ended up snacking. I didn’t exactly go crazy or anything, but instead of 400 calories I ate more like 700.

Yeah… I’m not weighing myself tomorrow.

Lastly, you know how I mentioned I started online dating again? I had a guy creepily confess today that he liked thick girls, and that I was indeed thick. Of all the goddamn adjectives in the world, why’d he have to use that one?

Well at least today is over.

I’m out.



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