Shake it off

So I gained weight today despite having a diet day yesterday. At first I was about to go completely ape shit, but the rational part of my brain spoke up just in the nick of time…

Volcano week is coming. (AKA my period.)

I got some lovely (gaggingly gross) zits on my chin, and I’m a little grouchy (I internally hiss at everyone who comes into my place of work).


However, it doesn’t excuse the way I’ve been over indulging on my free days. My one rule I had for myself was to not eat if I wasn’t hungry, and I’ve that’s exactly what I did today.

I think I may have to set a calorie limit on my free days if I keep this up. Of course I could always go back to my original plan of going low carb on my free days- maybe tweak it to only one day of truly eating whatever I want and then the rest low carb.

That or maybe actually start exercising again? I haven’t been doing any physical activity at all since my friggin’ leg hasn’t felt right in weeks. I’m currently having issues with my insurance, so I can’t even go see a doctor right now either.

For now, let’s just see if I can just pay better attention to when I actually feel full, and don’t just eat because I’m bored.  I have enough crap to worry about…like my upcoming move into my parent’s house. I just need to remind myself it’s just a temporary situation, and I should be grateful they’re willing to help me out like this.

I’ve also finally shaken off the job thing blues, and have been applying yet again to other jobs that will hopefully pay enough where I can completely support myself and offer benefits as well because I could REALLY use that right about now.

Getting back to the basketball metaphor even though I’ve been missing most of the baskets, at some point I’ll finally score just as long as I keep taking shots.

It just might take longer than I’d like because apparently my aim sucks.

Or maybe I need to try shooting from a different angle…maybe get myself a coach. Ok, end metaphor- I’m talking about a job coach or even a life coach. Maybe once I’m moved into my folk’s place and will be saving money on rent, I can look into one again. I actually went to a job coach years ago, but the only thing I really got out of the experience was a spruced up resume…though to be fair I’m still using that resume (I just update it as necessary).

Ah well, we shall see what the future holds.

I needa go bed now.


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