That’s just the way it is

Knowing how much I ate yesterday, I decided not to step on the scale because I knew there would be weight gain. Usually after a free day there always is, and I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday after all.

So I’ve decided on weighing myself every other day.

More often than not, the scale goes down after a diet day, so that’s when I should weigh myself. Makes sense, no?

So it was a successful diet day today, although I was surprised that I was feeling unusually hungry this morning and later at night. I made a cup of chicken broth and it helped a little, but I gotta say I’m annoyed that my hunger came back for some reason. Maybe having that cheat day on Friday could be part of the reason? Like my body got some extra food when it wasn’t expecting any and now it’s mad it’s back to diet days? But I wasn’t feeling the extra hunger on Sunday…

Eh, I don’t know, and it’s not a huge deal. I’m not starving, just a little hungry. As soon as I go to bed, I get to wake up, and enjoy my free day.


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