Still the same

Well today was diet day, but also another BBQ day at my folk’s place. I think my dad wants to squeeze in as many more BBQ’s as he can before the weather gets too cold for it. Although it’s only the end of August, a New England September can either turn into an Indian summer (meaning a few more weeks of hot weather) or it can start getting really friggin’ cold.

Or both. That’s New England for you.

I manged however, to stay within the four hundred calorie range (to the best of my knowledge). Sometimes you can only guestimate calories the best you can, and even if I was off by a hundred calories, I still consider today a success.

Stepping on the scale this morning SUCKED. I basically was nearly two pounds up from what I was a week ago. We’ll see if it comes off quickly after a few days of being back on track. I skipped weighing myself a few days this week, and I now realize just how much the daily weigh ins keep you on track. Of course considering how stressed and anxious I was last week, I’m not sure how much of a difference it would have made.

Oh well. New week, and nothing to stress out about…

Or look forward too for that matter.

So I should have no problem sticking to my diet days.


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