It’s the end of the world as we know it

Reasons today sucked:

  1. Found two gray hairs on my head. Nice reminder that I am no longer young and relevant in the world.
  2. Gained weight even though I typically lose weight after a diet day. My guess is a combination of stress and maybe the fact I haven’t taken my thyroid medication in nearly two weeks (more on that in a bit).
  3. Could not get a hold of my health insurance who cut me off the beginning of the month because even though I sent them the paperwork they needed, they took too long processing it and didn’t get it finished in time. So of course, that’s my fault and now I have no insurance while they continue to process it, and every time I try to call them, the machine tells me to call back at another time due to high call volume.
  4. I’ve gone almost two weeks without my thyroid medication because I was so certain I’d get everything squared away by now. So I just bit the bullet and paid for my medication out of pocket, which thankfully wasn’t very expensive, and the nice pharmacist lady gave me an extra discount which saved me a few dollars.
  5. My boss got my hours wrong and my paycheck was lower than it should have been. To be fair, he apologized and said he would pay the difference out of pocket tomorrow.

And last but not least…

I didn’t get the interview.

I sent one more email basically begging  (as professionally as I could) for any kind of position with them, and that I would work my way up to the original position I wanted.

However, I’m not holding my breath for a response back this time.

So now instead of moving out to California for my dream job…I get to move into my parent’s basement next month instead because I can’t support myself on my current salary.

I know I should probably be thankful I have folks that are willing to even let me live with them, but it’s hard to feel anything but really friggin’ shitty right now.





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