Comfortably Numb

Still waiting to hear back from the job, and all I can say is


I’m thinking there’s a good chance they’ll email me tomorrow since it’ll have been a full week, but at this point I’m just about numb. No matter what they tell me, I’ll just be relieved to not be waiting anymore!

Ok I lied. I’ll be crushed if I get rejected at this point.

So today was a free day, but I didn’t really indulge all that much. Just not feeling all that hungry. At all.

In other news I FINALLY lost another pound, and have officially lost ten pounds total since last month! Just need to lose ten pounds four more times and I’ll have reached my goal! The weight was coming off pretty quickly in the beginning, but now it’s about a pound to a pound and a half each week. Still, if I can lose say about five pounds each month, by next April I will have reached my goal! Maybe sooner if I get in more exercise and low carb eating!

As for my my reward…I’m getting a hairbrush straightener. My shortish hair has been pretty unruly lately, so I think it’s the perfect gift to myself! I found one on sale on Amazon, and I also have a credit, so it’ll pretty much cost me next to nothing.

The best gift of all, however, will be getting an email tomorrow letting me know if I get an interview or not!


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