California Dreamin’

Another diet day. Again, not feeling physically hungry, but with all this stress because of the job thing my brain wants to eat to feel better. I just remind myself to hold on until tomorrow, and shove some gum (strong flavor like peppermint or cinnamon) into my mouth to kill any cravings.

I’ve decided to put the low carb thing on hold for the time being. I’m not gonna stress out over my diet while I’m anxious about hearing from that job. I’ve formed a habit with the every other day diet (minus the other day- not gonna worry about one mess-up), and I’ve been consistently losing weight every week. Yes I could probably lose more weight going low carb, but screw it for now.

With any luck I should officially be down ten pounds tomorrow.

Still haven’t decided on how to celebrate completing one fifth of my journey yet. Not really in the mood to celebrate anything until I hear back from that job already. The anxiousness has gotten better, but there are still times with I just feel this wave of sickness when I think about how I might not get my dream job in California when I’m so close…


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