Oops I did it again

Well it was a diet day today, and I figured with how anxious I’ve been it would be easy not to eat since I wasn’t feeling hungry really.

So here’s what happened. The plan was to take my dog hiking on an empty stomach, and then go home and eat some leftovers. Just as I’m leaving, my dad calls me up and invites me out for ice cream. I tell him I’ll meet up with him after my hike.

As I took my hour hike, the three things I thought about were:

1. Is that company going to contact me back today about whether or not I get an interview

2. I need to stop thinking about the job thing because I can just about feel the ulcers growing

3. Should I have ice cream, or maybe I can have a hot dog instead since it’ll be less calories (the ice cream place my dad loves going too also serves hot dogs).

After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion


I had ice cream AND that gatdamn hotdog too. Oh, and it also came with a bag of chips.

I guestimated I ate about 800 calories…double what I was supposed to eat today.

At first I didn’t really care all that much. However, as the day went on, my old ways of thinking started coming back to haunt me. Hey, might as well keep eating since you already blew today. Just start fresh on Monday! Definitely not tomorrow because of the BBQ. Bitch you are NOT doing diet day when there’s a BBQ involved.

So I got sushi.

After a few bites, I started feeling full, but there was no way in hell I was wasting sushi.

And now I feel sick.

Lesson learned.


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