Ba-da-da-da-daa I’m lovin’ it

So it was a pretty successful week if I do say s myself.

I almost kind of cheated today though. Usually on my diet days I try to make the calories count and eat healthy for the most part. Not today though!

My original plan was to bake a frozen fish filet in the toaster oven along with some prepackaged mashed cauliflower (it tastes slightly better than it sounds…there’s bacon in it) and a mini fudge bar for dessert for my 400 calories. But after a good hike with my dog on an empty stomach, by the time I got home and realized I had to bake my lunch/dinner (linner) in the oven and wait for it to cook while I was starving, my stomach was all like


And next thing I know I got a hankerin’ for McDonald’s. Instant mother McF**kin’ gratification.

At first I was thinking of just saying screw it and make today another free day, but then I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make tomorrow my diet day, or keep it as a free day and then go back to my diet day on Tuesday but then that would mean having three free days in a row *INHALE* and that would probably not end well on the scale.

I then remembered reading in The Every Other Day Diet book about how you can actually have fast food on your diet day– just check the calories of your meal before hand. So turns out a medium fry and a four piece Mcnugget (no ketchup or sauce- which I never eat at McDonald’s anyway) came to about 560 calories. It’s a little past the 400 calories I’ve been sticking to this week, but I got in a good workout hiking earlier, so I felt justified.

I think another reason why I wanted some fast food so bad was because of my plan to go low carb starting Monday. The past few weeks have been fun with my experiment of really eating whatever I wanted on my free days, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Mainly because I can’t afford to freakin’ eat out every other day, (sometimes twice a day…though often times it was fast food). Also I should be eating healthier than I have been. It’s not like I completely gave up vegetables the past two weeks or anything like that, but let’s face it– I was eating a ton of crap.

I’m also curious to see how much more weight I might lose going low carb. Will it be a minor improvement, or will I see some impressive results? This week I managed to drop 1.2 pounds without exercise and eating whatever I wanted on my free days (kept my diet days pretty healthy, except for today), which was the exact same deal last week. So in total, I lost 2.4 pounds these past two weeks.

Thing is I still have a long way to go– 42  more pounds so my total weight loss will be fifty pounds.

Two more pounds and I’ll be down a total of ten pounds since last month! That’s one fifth of my journey completed! I’m trying to think of something to do to celebrate/ reward myself for a job well done, but I’m having trouble deciding on what. Well, if I continue my weight loss at my current place, I’ve got plenty of time to decide…

Last but not least, I decided to make a visual weight loss aid project. I saw on some websites these jars with marbles in them and one jar labeled “Pounds to go” and the other “Pounds lost”. So I bought these two cheap plastic wine goblets (so fancy!), along with some colorful plastic gems (found them in the pet isle of Walmart– they were for decorating the bottom of your fishbowl lol), and I had some alphabet stickers in my craft graveyard drawer. This is the final result.


I got a long way to go.


However, the good news is at this point I’m no longer feeling hungry on diet days. Well, maybe just a tiny bit…



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