Mama said there’d be days like this

Today started off pretty meh, and stayed that way.

Since August 1st, I’ve been consistently weighing myself everyday, and for the most part it’s been fun watching the scale go down– even if it’s only by two ounces. Twice I had some weight gain, but it was during volcano week (as I like to call ‘that time of the month’) so it didn’t really bother me.

However today I had some weight gain, and it bummed me out a little. I mean, it was only four ounces, but I was on such a roll the past few days. Could be a fluke, or it could be something I need to investigate if the scale stalls some more. My diet days the past week and a half have been going well (minus the other day when I was under), so my guess is I would need to work on changing up my free days. Although I guess the plan was to start eating low carb again starting next week anyways.

Ok, so there was the minor weight gain that got thrown in my face first thing this morning. All in all, not a big deal. Next, I was planning on taking my dog for a good walk, however, when I went to grab my keys (in case I locked myself out of the apartment building, which has happened a few too many times because I forgot my keys) I can;t find them. Anywhere. So then I spend the morning trying to find my keys and stressing the hell out. Finally I found them under the couch; I must have left them on the arm of the couch, and then they managed to defy the laws of physics by falling at an angle therefore ending up under, instead of beside said couch.

So I only ended up going for a short walk with my dog before heading out to work.

At work, the stomach burn came back. Yay. So I did some research on why that might be happening, and one theory someone had was too many carbs. Yet another reason I may want to go low carb again.

One piece of good news is as of right now, I’m not feeling all that hungry, and the stomach burn has mostly gone away.

I’m thinking I might take body measurements again tomorrow morning. I was going to wait until Monday which would be the full two weeks, but I’m guessing two days aren’t going to make a huge difference either way. I’m hoping for at most maybe a half inch off my midsection to let me know that I’m heading in the right direction.

I do know that I need to work on getting more exercise in though. I did have to do a lot of running around at work the past few days (which including lifting some heavy stuff here and there), so I’m sorta counting it as workouts.

Last but not least, I went to take a picture of something with my phone; when I opened up the camera app, it was on selfie mode instead of regular mode (I took a selfie with my cat the other day- don’t judge me). I caught myself at the most horrifying angle. Like, the image has been burned into my retinas and has haunted me all day slowly eroding my self-esteem like a venomous drip. It looked a little something like this…



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