Burn, baby burn!

My free days don’t feel very free this week. The other day I just wasn’t in the mood for anything, and today was kind of similar. I had said previously that I was going to tone down the indulgences on my free days, but last night I convinced myself to enjoy today since I screwed up my calories yesterday and ate less when I didn’t have to.  I was planning to go to McDonald’s but my body was all like


So instead for my lunch break, I went to a Chinese buffet that’s nearby me and had a small wonton soup (broth is pretty light compared to most places), a small heap of veggies, some white rice, and three chicken wings…which I couldn’t even finish.

Considering my extra low cal day yesterday, I figured I’d be ravenous today, but my stomach had other plans for me. I had this uncomfortable, burning sensation in my gut starting in the afternoon, and it’s still lingering now even.

My brain and stomach are not happy with each other- Stomach is definitely getting sassier.

Brain: So, we’re going to—

Stomach: Not happening.

Brain: C’mon! It’s our FREE day! We can eat whatever the hell we want!

Stomach: Dude, remember that time we tried hot yoga?

Brain: Huh? Well yeah– it was hot and painful. What does that have to do with—

Stomach: That’s what it feels like down here right now.

Brain: Oh don’t be a wuss, you’re fine! Now, how about we get some spicy salmon handrolls later?

Stomach: Go f**k yourself.

Brain: …I’ll take that as a maybe.

Although I’ve been mentally craving sushi all week, my stomach is not having it…at all. I actually still went to a Japanese restaurant tonight, but not for sushi. I got this chicken teriyaki plate; it’s basically boiled chicken breasts with a very mild teriyaki glaze, fresh and lightly steamed veggies, and more white rice (plus miso soup). I was actually afraid to eat a little because I didn’t know how my stomach would react, but I actually felt a little better afterwards.

But not for long. As I type this up, some hot yoga is taking place in my stomach again, and I think it’s gonna be a long night.


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