Running on Empty

So I was hungrier than usual today.

Today is a diet day, so I made sure to pack my food for work accordingly and added the calories in my head to add up to 400.

Well, shortly after finishing my meal later on, I found that I was getting hungry again, and I was thinking crap, this can’t be good. I should be adjusting to the diet days at nearly two weeks in, but I figured maybe my body was pissed off about going from 500 calories to the 400 calories.

Later that night when I got home from work, I plugged all my food into the myfitnesspal app and discovered I WAS UNDER BY A HUNDRED CALORIES

This is what I get for mathing in my head.

I decided it was too close to bedtime though to eat again, and just settled on making a cup of soup with a bouillon cube to appease my stomach. From now on though, I’ll plug my calories into the app first instead of trusting my LYING BRAIN.


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