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To be perfectly honest, when I first saw the book “The Every Other Day Diet” (EODD for short), I thought without a doubt it was just some fad diet. 500 calories one day, and literally anything and everything you want the next.

Whaaaaaaaaa? Really? Eat all the things one day, starve the next day, rinse, repeat, lose weight.


Yeah, ok, I thought, and I’m the future Mrs. DiCaprioAnyone who tries this diet is crazy.

Welp! Turns out I’m crazy. And that’s a good thing in this case.

Back in July 2017, I had weighed myself after getting back from a five day vacation, and I was the highest weight I’d ever been in my life- 155 pounds. Because I’m a snack sized person at barely five feet tall, that put me into the obese category. Crap. I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, and I didn’t realize just how much my weight crept up on me.

However, I’m not about to fat shame myself here. Oh noes! I’m overweight and therefore hideous and unworthy of all good things forever! However, I ain’t about to celebrate the fact that I’m obese and at risk for a whole bunch of health problems either.

So what made me decide to actually read The Every Other Day Diet instead of just judge its cover? Honestly I have no idea. I guess the idea that I could really eat whatever I wanted half the time appealed to me instead of restricting myself everyday. I hadn’t heard of intermittent fasting before, and the idea of any kind of fasting was a total turn off for me. But I still decided to give the book a chance.

So on the 24th of July I started the EODD…kind of. Honestly I totally half-assed it that first week. I was logging my calories on myfitness pal, and on the days where I should have only been eating 500 calories, it was more like 800ish, while on my free days I, well, ate freely (and moderately healthy). However, I was being somewhat active that week going for hikes with my dog and even hitting the gym once for strength training.

In one week I lost two pounds, and that’s a big deal when you’re a little person!

For the week starting August 1st, I decided I really wanted to put the diet to the test. I buckled down and made sure I ate the 500 calories on my diet days, and for my free days…

I. Went. All. Out.

I’m talking ice cream, movie popcorn, soda, McDonald’s, pizza, Burger King, sushi (ok, uh, that one is moderately healthy actually), etc., and I also didn’t exercise due to a sore ankle that whole week either. Last but not least, I also started my cycle that week as well. My one rule for myself was I could eat until I was full…but not painfully stuffed.

I still lost a pound.

Holy flipping cheeseburgers Batman!

So I was completely sold at that point, and the idea to start this blog was born. However, I did wonder if I should be eating less than the 500 calories due to my size, probably more like 400, and I decided on a whim to email Dr. Krista Varady, the author of the EODD, to ask her a few questions. The second I sent the email, however, I regretted it. The woman is a scientist, mother, professor, author, and I realized that with how crazy her schedule must be there was probably little to slim chance I’d ever hear back from her…

Yeah, she responded back the next day. How cool is that!?

Dr. Varady confirmed that I could do the 400 calorie days due to my height. I had also asked about if intermittent fasting could possibly help my hypothyroidism, but she couldn’t say since there haven’t been any studies done on that. Lastly, I asked if I stayed low carb for my free days if I would see greater weight loss, and she confirmed that she saw greater weight loss with patients who ate low carb.

So that was about it.

As of today I started eating 400 calories for my diet days. As for my free days…well, I’m thinking I might let myself enjoy my free days this week as well, and then starting next week I’ll start implementing low carb free days, with maybe one junk food day a week.

Now I will admit now, that last week during my diet days, I was totally hungry on those days. Hungry, but not starving. I didn’t get any headaches or felt like I was going to faint or anything like that. I think what might have helped me actually is my half-assed week before that. Instead of just jumping straight into the 500 calorie days, I had done the 800ish days first.

One of my concerns I had when I started reading about this diet was how the hell would I maintain this kind of lifestyle? I mean, if I were to reach my goal weight, would I stop fasting every other day? Just how would maintaining work?

Well it seems pretty easy. Up the calories on diet day to 1,000, and continue to enjoy free days.


So far I am loving this diet. Although the low cal days aren’t my favorite, knowing I can eat whatever the fancy fudge I want the next day makes it totally worth it.

Well tomorrow is my free day, so the sooner I get to bed, the sooner I get to live it up!

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